Talk on water

Water awareness activities for kids

9 Aug , 2012  

With the school holidays well underway we thought you might appreciate some fun activities to keep the kids entertained AND get them thinking about saving water.

1.       List as many uses for water as you can

This game is a good one for the car. Simply ask the kids to call out all the different ways they use water. Not only will it delay the inevitable ‘are we nearly there yet’ for at least five minutes, it will also start them thinking about just how much we depend on water in our daily lives.

Perhaps they can come up with some ideas for saving water while they’re staring out of the window. We’d love to hear what they come up with!

2.       Make as many words as possible from the letters savewatersavemoney

Simply challenge the children to make as many words as they can out of the letters savewatersavemoney.

3. Get their creative juices flowing with an acrostic poem

Write the words SAVE WATER vertically down the page and then brainstorm words that begin with each letter to form a poem. Don’t worry about making it rhyme and you can have as many, or as few, words on each line as you like.

4.  Describe water

OK, so we all know water is wet, but how else can you describe water? Put your kids’ imaginations and describing skills to the test by asking them: what does water taste, smell and feel like? What does it look like?  Share what they came up with on our Facebook page or here in comments.

5. Water the garden

At SaveWaterSaveMoney we believe in starting them young. Not just in enlisting the kids with the household chores but also encouraging them to think about saving water. So fill up a watering can and ask them to follow these simple water efficient watering tips:

  • Always water plants at their base and avoid the leaves
  • Dig a small moat around the outside of a plant to capture the water and help it soak through
  • Bury ice-cubes in the soil in containers to give them a cool refreshing drink

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